When it comes to creating a visual impact that rises far above the competition, a totem sign can achieve exactly that.

Signage is the face of a business, and often the first thing a customer interacts with. If you’re a sign company looking for totem sign inspiration from a trade signage supplier – look no further.

We’re sharing five of the many reasons to choose a totem sign from NCS Trade Signs.


Totem signs are multi-purpose

Because of their impressive size (sometimes up to 20 meters tall!), totem signs are a great canvas for content. In addition to displaying a logo or branding, there is so much more scope with a totem sign.

As a trade signage manufacturer, we work with sign companies to help create meaningful signs for their clients. A totem sign can be used to communicate special promotions, marketing messages or new products.

What’s more, totem signs are also great for displaying important information such as opening times or used as wayfinding tools.

Whatever its use, a totem sign is incomparable when it comes to versatility.

A structure that lasts

When you supply your customers with a totem sign for their business, you also want to provide peace of mind.

A robust structure is not the only feature contributing towards a totem sign’s longevity. A speciality finish is also applied, ensuring all-weather durability.

As experts in manufacturing trade totem signage, we pride ourselves on creating products that are built to last.


Unforgettable visual impact

The possibilities for creating a visual identity with a totem sign really are endless. With hundreds of design options and special features available, we can create a sign that truly represents your customer.

Not only that – totem signs are tall! So the opportunities to take your customers’ branding to new heights with increased visibility are unmissable.

Totem signs are free standing

One of the most impressive things about totem signs is their ability to stand tall on their own. With no need for a building to attach to, or any complicated installation methods to adopt, totem signs are one of the easiest to work with.


Unrivalled quality from the experts

With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing quality trade signs, we have built our business by investing in our team. We are dedicated to the continual growth of our team’s skills and knowledge, resulting in high quality workmanship.

Every structure is manufactured in accordance with the BS EN 1090 standard – guaranteeing accurately calculated construction and adherence to strict welding procedures.

Our investments in new technology along with our commitment to sourcing the very best materials allow us to deliver a totem sign to be proud of.

Talk to our team today about your next totem sign project. Call 01332 360811 or email info@tradesigns.co.uk