About us

Our business, knowledge and level of expertise have grown and expanded since our formation back in 1989. Along the way, we have developed a great team. Who are on hand to advise you on the best solutions for your signage projects. We work within BS559 regulations and ensure we maintain our knowledge and understanding of the current legislation.


Our core values

A trusted partnership

We are a secret manufacturer, producing some of the most well known and most prestigious signage for many of the country’s leading high profile sign and brand implementation businesses. We respect the wishes of our customers and therefore preserve our integrity by operating a strict confidentiality policy. (our website content has been approved by our customer)

We aim to have long-standing relationships with our clients. By using our technical abilities in design, along with our ability to listen we can understand our customer’s needs. Also, with our BSGA affiliations, we’re not just another supplier. We are an extension of your team. We focus on keeping our relationships with clients by not only supplying high-quality signage, but understanding their needs. As well as helping them in overcoming any challenges that may arise.



Proud experts in signage

Strong core values drive our employees to perform to the highest standards. Producing only exceptional quality products. We have an outstanding track record of consistent service. Which has helped us to build a strong customer focused business.